DCP/HD • COLOR • 2019 • KOREA • 85'

A film by Hye-Ryoung Park

A deep homage to Mother Nature through a heart-warming culinary journey.

Jiho Im, better known as the "Wandering Chef", travels the Korean peninsula, in search of the most unique ingredients, honouring Mother Nature with whom he has a very strong and personal relationship. For him, Nature is at the core of his life and his creative work. One day, he meets someone very special on the road leading him to the most incredible challenge of a lifetime: conceiving and cooking 108 plates in 24 hours - significant of 108 agonies of life in Buddhism - to pay tribute to his adoptive mother.

Produced by Hayanso Entertainment

Original languages: Korean, English


For nearly 2 decades, Hye-Ryoung Park has made more than 40 documentaries for South Korea’s major broadcasters. Most well known as the director of ‘The Wandering Chef’ series (2009 - present), her credits also include ‘Mother, I’m Fine’ (2008) and ‘Remember, I Love You’ (2006). Her forte is in human-interest documentaries as she takes on an anthropological approach to the people she encounters, and continues to document them over many years. She is also an executive producer for the popular entertainment programs in Korea, and finds interest in developing content for new program formats. She founded her production company Hayanso Entertainment in 2009. 

Distributors: Swallow Wings (Taiwan)

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